What We Offer

We take a holistic approach to developing learning solutions for your long-term strategy.

Bluegrass Learning Solutions helps you explain things in creative, meaningful, and lasting ways.  


From explainer videos to software tutorials to custom training courses for employees and/or customers, Bluegrass Learning Solutions is a one-stop shop for organizations seeking carefully crafted explanations.
Bluegrass Learning Solutions - Course Example FWA
Bluegrass Learning Solutions - Whiteboard Video
Bluegrass Learning Solutions - COVID-19 Awareness

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos come in all shapes and sizes — from whiteboard “hand-drawn” videos to character-driven animated videos to kinetic text videos.

Whether your needs are for marketing or education, we will collaborate with you to develop the best fit. Explainer videos are great for: 

Instructional Design Services

E-learning doesn’t have to be boring. We provide instructional design services to create online learning that is engaging, relevant, and builds confidence in the learner.

If you need a 5-minute microlearning lesson or something bigger, Bluegrass Learning Solutions works with you to develop online courses that fit your needs.

LMS Consulting & Administration

Picking the right learning system doesn’t have to be stressful. With over 12 years in the learning management system (LMS) space, Bluegrass Learning Solutions has experience in the entire LMS life cycle from procurement to implementation. We can also help you migrate from one LMS to another and administer your LMS.

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